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Wish Upon a StarEdit

The Millennium Comet is a subject of much discussion among astronomers and conspiracy theorists. Simply put, it’s a comet referenced in dozens of ancient texts from countries all over the world, said to be visible from Earth for exactly seven days every thousand years, accurate to the hour. Most believe it was some sort of one-time celestial phenomenon, exaggerated by humanity’s collective imaginations. There’s no way a comet could be so perfectly synchronized with Earth’s orbit, after all. But a very small minority insists (after checking that all the exits are soundproofed and no one is listening) that this is all part of a master plan to take over the universe, created by those strange creatures known to most as Pokemon. Humans know next to nothing about them, but everyone’s heard stories of the miraculous things they can do. Who’s to say something like this is out of their ability?

The public writes these theories off as silly and illogical products of paranoia, and for once, the public is right. There’s something exciting going on behind the scenes, of course - there always is - but it’s other human beings these conspiracy theorists should be watching out for. Besides, it’s not as if closed doors will stop them from hearing everything.


Wish Upon A Star/WUAS is a roleplay hosted on the Dragon Cave forums about an alternate universe with Pokemon and magical girls. This wiki is a place to store info and also additional stuff that doesn't quite go anywhere in the thread but should probably be said anyway.

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